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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and handling is normally $5 for the first book, and $1.50 for each additional book. This covers UPS ground shipping for the continental U.S. or U.S. Postal Service Surface Mail for international destinations. Faster delivery services are available at a higher cost plus $2 handling charge.

Delivery times vary depending on method. UPS grounds takes one to ten days. International USPS surface can take up to six to eight weeks. Airmail is faster, taking one to two weeks and Express Mail is the fastest at five to nine days. From UPS we can offer expedited (five business days) and Express (two business days) services, but they are the most expensive options.

Payment: We accept Mastercard/Visa, American Express, Money Orders and Company Checks. All first time orders must be prepaid by credit card or money order after which you may submit a credit application. Once the credit application is approved you may order with a company purchase order.

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